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We're hott as fuck

You're not.

We're hott as fuck, what about you?
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We're hott as fuck, are you?

Rules For Applicants;
_1 Read all of the rules. If you dont, we'll castrate you.
_2 If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. I dont want to hear you guys bitch because we don't like you. KTHX
_3 Put thought and time into your application, you can't expect us to like you if you come off as ignorant and stupid.
_4 if u type lYk DiS- You need not apply. We wont deal with that bullshit. Write out your words.
_5 Be active, we'll have themes weekly [ most likely ]. I will make a Members Cut if you dont keep active.
_6 So we know you read all of these, please put: Hott is an understatement for you, what about me? in your ELJAY CUT.
_7 LJ-cut your shit, we dont want you killing our friends' pages.
_8 Be atleast 15+
_9 Bold the questions in the application. It's easier for us to read, and we'll like you more for doing so.
_10 We want three pictures or more. You can do the emo shot thing, but how about letting us see your face, hm?
_11 Post a 100X100 picture, just incase you get accepted.

This is a rating community We're harsh, and we're bitches. If you can't take it, please leave.

Rules For Members;
_1 Keep active. I can't stress that enough, we don't want this community dying.
_2 Be as mean and as truthful as you need to be. If they can't take it, too fucking bad.
_3 Keep up with the themes, if I see that you've missed atleast three, i'm going to warn you and possibly cut you. I dont want to have to do that, so just be ACTIVE.

Yeah, we're lazy too, so here's the application already set for you to just fill out.
Yeah, we know we kick ass.


Promote with this for now.


_one_last_wish +heckyes_gosh