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Name; Sapphyre Rae
Age; 19
Where are you from?; Minneapolis, Minnesota
Single?; Yes! <3 ..and lovin' every minute of it!

Bands; Incubus, My Chemical Romance, Sublime, Metallica, The Killers, Sum 41, Three Days Grace, Coldplay, Stevie Wonder (Not a band, but can't leave him out.. he's amazing), Billie Holiday (Ditto, as before), Pantera, Modest Mouse
Movies; Legend, Black Hawk Down, Way of the Gun, Labyrinth, The Faculty, Troy, Saved!, Moulin Rouge, Wicker Park
Books; The Jungle, Of Mice and Men, Pride and Prejudice, Fallen Angels, Antigone
Hobbies; Talking, Listeing to Music, Watching Movies, Dancing, Acting, Singing, Driving, Traveling, Shopping
And, hey. To switch it up, what bands don't you like?; Hanson, Boy Bands (not bands, but they still fucking suck!), Creed

Your Looks.
What's your best freature?; Eyes
What's your worst feature?; Nose
Lights. Camera. Action. 3 pictures or more.;
100X100 picture;

Promote us to three places [ one user and two communities ] and provide a link. And yes, we do check. These Links are Coming ASAP!
Why do you think you're as hot as us? [ it can be because of your personality, or looks. but make sure it's true. ] I'm outgoing, and I'll promote the fuck outta this community.
Any last words? Is that a deer in the road?
Oh! And if you like graphics, you can place any banners you want to make for this community, it will provide many extra points.
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