Ashley </3 (strip__search) wrote in ilovescenexcore,
Ashley </3

Name; Ashley
Age; 15
Where are you from?; Oak Park, California
Single?; Yes.

Bands; the blood brothers, le tigre, the yeah yeah yeahs, between the buried and me, HORSE the band, vandetta red, children of bodom, dillenger escape plan, pedro the lion, hatebreed, hellogoodbye, fear before the march of flames&more
Movies; pretty in pink, the breakfast club, grease, some kind of wonderful, napoleon dynomite
Books; go ask alice, anything by stephen king, it happened to nancy
Hobbies; designing shirts, going to shows, hanging out with friends, computer.
ex of a jacket i made:

And, hey. To switch it up, what bands don't you like?; slipknot.. fall out boy..uh i'm pretty open minded about music.

Your Looks.
What's your best freature?; my eyes
What's your worst feature?; my legs.
Lights. Camera. Action. 3 pictures or more.;

100X100 picture;
i'll get this later, because i'm on a different computer that doesn't have photoshop. sorry.
Promote us to three places [ one user and two communities ] and provide a link. And yes, we do check.
Why do you think you're as hot as us? [ it can be because of your personality, or looks. but make sure it's true. ] i think i am as hot as you, because i have a really outgoing personality, and i love to make new friends.
Any last words? :)
Oh! And if you like graphics, you can place any banners you want to make for this community, it will provide many extra points. i will make banners because i have photoshop.. but yet again.. i'm on a different computer right now.
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